SpinDrive Active Magnetic Bearings

Easy and affordable AMB systems

Benefits of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) 

AMB levitates the rotational part of the electrical machine completely eliminating friction

system efficiency

Higher system efficiency

Higher speeds, no gearbox, no friction

maintenance free

Maintenance-free bearings

Saves 80% on the equipment maintenance costs

oil free

Oil-free operation

No risk of oil contamination



Prevents unexpected process failures

AMB industrial segments

Power generation
High speed machines


Efficient air processing whether creating vacuum or strong air flow need high speed impellers. AMB technology is proven technology in achieving maintenance and oil free machinery.

Power generation

There are several applications which generate electricity AMB has crucial role in achieving the best efficiency rates.


There are various vehicles where high speed drivetrains are needed in order to achieve higher efficiency and maintenance cost reductions. AMB technology enables these objectives.

High speed machines

Wherever high speed electrical machines are used AMB has important role in enabling this technology.


Learn how different applications benefit from AMBs

Turbo Expo poster

ASME Turbo Expo 2024


ASME Turbo Expo is a standard-setting global forum for turbomachinery and propulsion professionals. SpinDrive will present our excellent AMB solutions together with the Magma X800 AMB Control System at the Turbo Expo 2024 at ExCeL London.

Why SpinDrive?

SpinDrive expert working on Magma controller

Easy and affordable

SpinDrive processes and proprietary software tools provide easy and cost-efficient AMB solution and integration from initial design to commissioning

SpinDrive experts install AMB controller

Agile and flexible

SpinDrive provides a complete AMB system from start to finish or our clients can select which parts they want to coordinate in house


World-class know-how

Over 35 years of AMB technology expertise combined with in depth knowledge in high-speed machinery

SpinDrive enables carbon-neutral future


SpinDrive fights against climate change towards a carbon-neutral future. Our AMB has a positive climate impact and mitigates CO2 emissions.


SpinDrive SDG

Active Magnetic Bearings for Turbo Blowers 

“We really appreciate the flexible business model and the world-class expertise from SpinDrive. We look forward to deepening our cooperation with SpinDrive and continuing the application of Magma X800 AMB controller in other machine models.”

Ville Lahdensuo
R&D Director, Runtech Systems

Turbocirculator for fusion reactor

“We are very pleased with SpinDrive’s expertise and professional work. We enjoyed the flexibility and fast pace of SpinDrive. On the technical side, SpinDrive provided a bearing solution that can operate without maintenance for years in harsh and high-temperature environments.”

Jan Bárta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Brno University of Technology

Active Magnetic Bearings for Flywheels

“Active magnetic bearings are five times more energy efficient than mechanical bearings and also require less maintenance as there is no physical contact. SpinDrive is specialized in providing tailored active magnetic bearing solutions, which is important for Teraloop due to the unique hubless design of the flywheel”

Markus Merilä
Chief Engineer, Teraloop Oy

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