Active magnetic bearings for high speed spindles


High-speed spindles are a natural application for magnetic bearings. Besides the obvious benefits of reduced maintenance, the AMB solution has a lot to offer for use in that area. The precise sensors and controllable rotor position allow for compensation of the rotor deflection and workpiece deviations. Higher cutting speed brings the opportunity to increase the feed rate without overheating the manufactured part. This is especially handy for complicated geometry with small details that can bend due to uneven temperatures.

AMBs can provide process and tool monitoring to evaluate the tool’s condition and state of deterioration. Magnetic bearings can support automatic tool change. The intelligence of the bearings allows to estimate the exact contact with the workpiece and keep the constant grinding force. All these save resources, reduce manufacturing time, and improves accuracy. The spindle application is the one where AMB intelligence can shine at its best.



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Author: Ole Martola


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