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We mitigate CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of the industrial processes by providing easy and affordable Active Magnetic Bearing solutions

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Fighting climate change


Energy efficiency

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Meet the Team

Janne Heikkinen portrait

Janne Heikkinen


Janne is responsible for the strategy, financial and overall management of the company. Proven track record in product/project management and team coordination. PhD in the field of rotating machinery from LUT.

Nikita Uzhegov portrait

Nikita Uzhegov


Nikita is responsible for the business development, customer and investor relations and partnerships. Solid experience in commercial and customer-oriented roles. PhD in the field of high-speed machinery and electromagnetic levitation from LUT.

Alexander Smirnov portrait

Alexander Smirnov


Alexander is responsible for the technological leadership and IPR protection. Seasoned industrial project manager with large experience in industry-oriented magnetic levitation projects. PhD in the field of AMB control from LUT.

Teemu Sillanpaa portrait

Teemu Sillanpää


Teemu is responsible for the overall product management decisions. Specialist in the control and power electronics design, sensor technology, certification and system testing.

Ole Martola portrait

Ole Martola

Business Development Director

Ole has over 25 years international experience in sales and business development with high-tech industrial SMEs. He is leading SpinDrive’s new generation magnetic levitation products to the markets. He holds M.Sc. (Tech) and Henley MBA.

Meifang Xu portrait

Meifang Xu

Marketing Manager

Meifang has rich experience in B2B marketing and sales for several international companies. She is responsible for building SpinDrive’s brand using digital marketing tools and accelerating sales.

image of Norbert Rieger

Norbert Rieger

Technical Sales D/A/CH

Norbert`s professional career spans more than 30 years in various sales and business development roles as Sales & Business Development Manager. During this time he has worked primarily with OEM`s in the semiconductor, automotive, industrial, solar and other industries. His new responsibilities at Spindrive include the acquisition and support of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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