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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) build the equipment utilizing own know-how in their specific area. For example, turbomachinery manufacturers are usually experts in the design of the impellers and fluid dynamics. They understand which design point would be optimum for their application and product. This leads to an optimized need for electrical machines’ power and speed.  

To achieve the demanding combination of machine rotational speed and output power, customized high-speed bearings are needed to maximize system efficiency and performance. However, the market offers mostly off-the-shelf bearing solutions which have suboptimal efficiency.

When active magnetic bearings (AMBs) are selected for the high-speed bearing technology, bearing customization is needed. SpinDrive is a designer and manufacturer of customized magnetic bearings.  

If your application requires maximum performance, you may need customized bearings. Then the first thing to do is to contact a bearing manufacturer such as us and define your specific requirements. 

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Customized Bearing Design Process 

An active magnetic bearing (AMB) integration project with SpinDrive typically follows 5 simple steps: 

Step 1. Initial evaluation and feasibility study  

First of all, we will gather your application requirements. We offer a feasibility study of the active magnetic bearing system (AMB) for you. This includes AMB system feasibility evaluation and main system dimensioning. As a result, you will understand how AMBs fit your system. 


Step 2. Detailed design 

In customized active magnetic bearing development process, we will provide you with a detailed design. This design explains how the system integrates with your high-speed machine in detail. The integrated design includes manufacturing drawings creation, loss calculation and rotor dynamics analysis. 

SpinDrive’s customized bearing design tool is based on over 35 years of R&D experience. It enables faster time-to-market for our customers.  


Step 3. Customized AMB system parts manufacturing and supply 

SpinDrive sells our own Magma® X800 magnetic bearing controller and other components of the AMB system like actuators, sensors, safety bearings, enclosure, and connecting cables.  

The Magma X800 is suitable for machines from 50 kW to 2 MW and rotating speeds from 10 000 rpm to 150 000 rpm and above. 

Our vision is to make AMB technology easy and affordable. We aim to reach that goal by providing flexibility for our customers. 

Step 4. AMB system commissioning 

Commissioning is a natural part of the AMB implementation project. Remote and on-site commissioning are both possible, depending on the project. System parameters can be set by the customer using the Magma graphical user interface (GUI). 


Step 5. The best customized magnetic bearing technology partner  

SpinDrive aims to be your reliable partner for customized AMB technology. As a reliable partner, we offer life cycle and technical support, remote system monitoring and optimized solutions across your product portfolio.   

A customized bearing project takes approximately 3 to 9 months. The timeline depends on the complexity of the application. 


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We design and supply customized bearings for various industries. Contact SpinDrive to maximize your equipment performance quickly and affordably. 


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