SpinDrive digitalized AMB


Have you ever imagined how our planet will look in ten, twenty, or fifty years? From time to time, it makes sense to sit back and dream a bit. The future is impossible to predict, but if you look at the past and make a trajectory based on history, the speed of technology development has been insane and there is no deceleration in sight!  Future utopias will be enabled by fundamental innovations that are related to the basic functionalities of devices and processes. SpinDrive magnetic bearings are one of these enablers which make the difference in the basic functionality of any rotating machinery – bearings. Bending curves straight, magnetic bearings are a digitalized version of bearing that beats any analogue bearing technology. Magnetic bearings will be the future of machinery. You ain’t calling your mom using a copper wired connection through an analogue switchboard either, right? It is time to move on!


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