Finland, a place for happy learners 

In a world constantly evolving and brimming with knowledge, the pursuit of learning has become more vital than ever. Finland, the happiest country in the world, is also known as a country with great education. Here, people can study whenever they feel like it, there is no age limit to stop an eager heart for knowledge.  

Our Project Manager, Artem Raspopov strongly believes that it is never too old to learn anything.  He continues learning new things though he has firmly stood on the ground of his profession. 


A seed of curiosity was planted in Artem’s heart 

As a young boy, Artem was curious about many things. Why are the stars so bright, or why did the moon disappear on certain days? Such a kind of curiosity kept him moving forward to attain more understanding of the world and knowledge about different subjects.   

Artem’s insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to dive into books, seek out mentors, and engage in experiments and observations. He delved into the sciences, the arts, and the humanities, always eager to learn more and to uncover the mysteries that the world held. 

And so, Artem’s life became a testament to the transformative power of curiosity, a force that propelled him to become a lifelong learner. He is an explorer of the unknown, and a beacon of inspiration for all who crossed his path. 

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Background of Artem

“I hold a master’s degree in nuclear technology, and it is the key to unlocking my journey Throughout my career, I was deeply involved in the nuclear industry, a realm where science’s most powerful forces set electrons in motion. Says Artem. 


How Artem enjoys his free time 

“I like reading books, studying, and exploring nature in my free time. I enjoy doing sports, such as jogging, cycling, and swimming. Being a single father, I love spending my time with my son. Sometimes, we cook food together, we go hiking on sunny weekends, and one of the best things is to decorate the Christmas tree together every year.” Artem happily shares his stories. 

“Currently, I am also studying an MBA program at Northampton University, a journey of transformation provided by HELBUS. With each lesson, I am one step closer to realizing my aspirations and shaping a destiny that is uniquely mine.” Artem added. 

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Why SpinDrive? 

“As my previous project concluded, a fresh and exciting opportunity blossomed on the horizon—a chance to join a dynamic technological startup. The prospect of crafting processes from the ground up and evolving alongside this innovative company filled me with enthusiasm. 

This fresh start is like a blank canvas where we can use our creativity and knowledge to create growth and new ideas together. Within the vibrant startup culture, I’m discovering the thrill of building something significant from scratch, and it’s a remarkable journey indeed. 

Simultaneously, my pursuit of an MBA presents a unique synergy. I’m not merely accumulating theoretical knowledge; I’m also immersing myself in real-world experiences that revolve around developing and refining business processes. It’s a fusion of academia and practicality, a harmonious blend that enriches my learning journey and equips me to navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship.” Artem explained. 


The best part of working at SpinDrive 

“I really enjoy working at SpinDrive. It’s the kind of place where ties are optional, laughter is the soundtrack, and creativity is the air they breathe. This is no ordinary workplace; it’s a haven of informality” says Artem. 

Within those vibrant walls, projects are more than just tasks; they are epic adventures into uncharted territory. Think about creating new solutions that no one has ever thought of before, and moving forward into the future with every idea you come up with. 

And here’s the real magic: The freedom to start from scratch and create something entirely new is a treasure. People here don’t wait for someone else to do it; they roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.  

As the company grows, so does each member of the team. We aren’t just employees; we are co-authors of the company’s story, shaping its destiny with every project, and experiencing a journey of growth together.” Artem said it proudly. 



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Author: Meifang Xu


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