The strong rock culture in Finland 

Many of you may have seen the news that Finland has been voted the happiest country in the world for the sixth year in a row. What an amazing achievement! Besides the work-life balanced lifestyle and great social welfare systems, Finns are very keen on rock music.  

Speaking of rock music: There are a few Finnish rock bands that are well-known even outside Europe. For example, Lordi, Nightwish, and HIM.  

Growing up with such a strong rock culture, Tuukka Nurminen, our Design Engineer, has a heart for rock. So, let’s begin Tuukka’s story with his upbringing.  


Background of Tuukka

Lahti, a city close to the capital of Finland, is famous for its world cup ski events. And there is where Tuukka grew up and had the seed of rock planted in his heart.   

Music was Tuukka’s best friend in his childhood. He moved away from his hometown after high school and started his new life in a new city, Lappeenranta. Based on his strong interest in electrical engineering, Tuukka pursued his bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology. He completed his master’s degree at the end of 2020 with a diploma topic “Analytic design methodology for homopolar magnetic bearing with permanent magnet biasing”. During his studies, he also obtained his professional truck driving license. 

With this special license, Tuukka worked as a driver for a liquid waste disposal truck for a short period. And after that, he found himself a better match to be part of the electronics assembly process. Since then, he has been working for SpinDrive as a Design Engineer.  

Tuukka portrait


Tuukka’s hobbies during his leisure time

Tuukka loves to experience new things, which is best represented by his passion for specialty beers and coffees. Tuukka also enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, skiing, and cycling. 

Music is also a big part of Tuukka’s life, and it is very likely that if you see him, there will be something playing on his headphones. He is a big fan of concerts and festivals, whenever possible, he goes to there. 


Why SpinDrive? 

“When I was planning my university studies, the focus was on electrical motors and drives, and a secondary focus on the mechanical side of these systems. Working at SpinDrive ticks all these boxes for me. Although the team at SpinDrive is very experienced, even for an engineering novice like me, the transition from university to working life has been smooth and I have learned a lot since then. Tuukka says. 

“It has been a great experience to be a part of the growing company and it is great to see how your input has and will help the company grow even more.”  

Tuukka working in front of his pc

The best part to work at SpinDrive 

“I think the best part about working at SpinDrive is the freedom to choose how you want to work. It is good to let the results speak for themselves without any extra micromanagement.  

There is no strict division between the leadership group and the rest of the team. The atmosphere in the company is very relaxed. 

Furthermore, the SpinDrive team is great because the team is diverse, and you are accepted for who you are.” Tuukka happily explained.  



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Author: Meifang Xu


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