The stereotyped developer 

Finland has raised a lot of developers. What kind of image do you have in mind when you think of a developer? A guy who is not particularly chatty but likes to write code in front of two big monitors. 

Yup, it’s true and it’s not!  Meet one of our developers, Luis Colorado. 

Luis working in front of the monitors


Background of Luis 

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Luis is a very outgoing and fun person. He studied Physics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a specialty in Systems control and automatic measuring. He has been a software developer since 1987, so he had a long career as a software developer. 

Luis has developed software for the Spanish Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, Alava Ingenieros, Indra Sistemas, and Telefonica. When he first moved to Finland, he worked for a few IoT companies. Throughout his career, he has been involved in telecommunications, implementing protocols, and analyzing faults in the parallel operation of the various systems involved.  

Nevertheless, he succeeded in all these jobs.  


Knitting as a hobby 

You’ve heard of hobbies like dancing, drawing, reading, watching films, you name it, but Luis’s favorite is knitting. He likes to knit while watching the news or TV series in the evening. He finds it a very relaxing experience.  

It is also through knitting that he shows the great care he takes for the people he loves. For example, last December he prepared a nice hat as a Christmas present for all the people who work at SpinDrive.  

“I have really enjoyed working with everyone at SpinDrive. It was easy to get to know everyone when I started, and I felt welcomed into the community. I wanted to show that I appreciate all the kindness I receive from those around me,” said Luis.  

Luis knitting in the office


Why SpinDrive? 

“As a developer, SpinDrive is a great challenge to conceive, construct and implement all the processes required to control an inherently unstable mechanism, just to make it work like a ship sailing smoothly across the sea.  

I’ve had the opportunity to choose which part of the system I would like to work in, and I’ve been provided with all the tools and elements to do it as easily as possible. I’m trusted and allowed to decide what needs to be done without being questioned. 

Everything I do is particularly challenging. It is as if you have to hold a stick vertically in balance with your finger while it vibrates at high frequencies on a taut piano string between two buildings, programming a control computer to compensate for all the possible deviations from the point of equilibrium. 

As I often say: Why wasn’t this job available when I was 25? Well, probably the founders of this company were too young : ) The company I work for looks after me very well, so there’s no way things could be better” Luis continued. 


The best part to work at SpinDrive 

“The best thing about SpinDrive is the people. We are just the right people to make it all work. And it covers all aspects of the business. Everyone here is very helpful, giving you tips on how best to do things. And, of course, on Fridays, we have a time to relax, where we can share our personal thoughts with each other or make jokes. 

As a company with two offices in different cities, we are fully connected. And every team member is a whole new world, with different interests or personalities, but all acting as a team when the job is at hand.” Luis added. 



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Author: Meifang Xu


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