Every young boy has a dream of wandering in the vast universe, exploring different planets, and diving into the thrilling world of aviation. It might sound a bit like a stereotype, but for Krister, it’s nothing short of pure excitement.

Let me tell you about Krister Gräsbeck, the heart of our story. He’s our Test Engineer, turning ideas into reality with the power of electricity. Let’s dive into his journey together!


Sparks of brilliance from childhood to career

Krister grew up in a town called Kouvola in the central part of Finland. He spent his entire childhood in the same area. Even as a young boy, Krister was captivated by the wonders of science and technology, laying the early foundations for his future career.

What fueled his pursuit of knowledge in science was a transformative visit to the United States when he was studying in high school. He vividly recalls the awe-inspiring experience of meeting teenagers his age and exchanging dreams during that trip. The encounter left an indelible mark, motivating him to keep exploring the wonders of science.

Krister holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from LUT University, with a focus on control systems, embedded systems, and power electronics.

Krister playing snow with his dog


Amping up fun outside work

Krister is a dog lover. He finds joy in simple moments—playing fetch, going on walks, and sharing laughs with his beloved dog. His dog is more than a pet; it’s a tireless source of joy that sweeps away the weariness of the workday, offering moments of relaxation and pure companionship.

Outside of work, Krister also loves playing video games. He enjoys teaming up with his good friends, immersing himself in the excitement of virtual worlds. Whether it’s navigating challenging quests or simply having a good time, gaming is his way of unwinding and enjoying moments of camaraderie.

Krister having a walk with his dog in the forest


Why SpinDrive? 

Before joining SpinDrive, Krister was working for a company that specializes in electrical power systems onboard marine vessels.

“I’ve actively sought opportunities to work at startups because, in my perspective, it’s both fun and challenging. At startups, you get to dive into a variety of tasks, even ones you’ve never tackled before. The excitement comes from growing alongside the team and the company. There’s a unique satisfaction and fulfillment when you put your full effort into making things happen with a group of like-minded people. It’s simply awesome!” Krister shared.

“I had heard numerous stories about SpinDrive before becoming a part of it. The niche industries they operate in caught my interest, especially since I had previously worked on research projects involving magnetic bearings during my master’s studies at LUT. When I spotted an open position at SpinDrive, I didn’t hesitate—I sent in my application without a second thought.” Krister continued.


Krister checking the controller


The best part of working at SpinDrive 

“What I find most delightful at SpinDrive is the vibrant community of passionate individuals. Working alongside them on diverse projects is not only enjoyable but also enriching. Our team-building events stand out as moments of both fun and learning. Beyond the enjoyment, these events provide valuable opportunities for everyone to collaborate and learn from one another through a variety of activities.” Says Krister.

“I’ve reached my one-year mark at SpinDrive, and what a journey it’s been! Over the past year, I’ve tackled challenging customer projects alongside my team. The sense of accomplishment when we complete all the tasks requested by the customer is truly rewarding. I take pride in the remarkable achievements of our small yet dynamic team. Here’s to more success and growth ahead!” Krister wrapped up his time at SpinDrive with a sense of pride.




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Author: Meifang Xu


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