The bias of age in the society 

Age is a tricky thing when we talk about careers. When we just graduated and come into the job market, hiring managers may reject us because we are too young in their eyes. And as time goes by, when we come to the age of 50s and 60s, hiring managers may tell us euphemistically that we are too old for certain positions. 

However, whether we are young without much experience or wise as we’ve aged, we can always contribute to the role we are specialized in. At SpinDrive, age is just a number. We give everyone an equal chance to show their ability and succeed in their tasks. And we value everyone’s uniqueness and experiences.  

In this article, we’d like to share the story of Matti Hallivuori, Lead Software Developer at SpinDrive.  


Background of Matti 

Matti studied at Aalto University (Technical University at that time) and got his master’s degree in computer science.  After that, he studied for the Licentiate of Science for three years while he was working at the State Technical Research Center. Throughout Matti’s entire career, he was working on various IT-related projects.  

Matti Hallivuori working in front of his pc


Matti retired at the age of 68 from his last workplace. After a few months of retirement, the lure of doing interesting things was overwhelming. Matti tried some new things in the software industry. He met SpinDrive’s CTO, Alexander at a headhunting conference, where he became interested in what SpinDrive does. And about a year later, when SpinDrive was looking for new team members in the software development team, Matti was selected from other candidates in the recruitment process due to his enormous experience.  

As a thinker and problem solver, Matti is an introvert, while his wife is well-spoken and outgoing. However, when it comes to topics that inspire Matti, he can become very talkative.  

Matti has been married to his wife for almost 50 years. They have three adult children and two of those followed my steps to the software profession. 

Matti travelling abroad


Hobbies during spare time 

Matti is very active and enjoys many different sports.  He likes to swim, run, ski, ride a bike and do Nordic walking. Apart from these sports hobbies, Matti is also interested in reading science fiction books and learning new languages such as Spanish and Italian. He travels abroad with his wife several times a year.   



Why SpinDrive? 

“The technological framework of the magnetic bearing solution was advanced enough to pique my interest. In addition, SpinDrive’s goal is quite positive and socially responsible. I found a strong connection with the value of the company. In the meantime, the people who work at SpinDrive are very supportive and nice. We make a great team together! And we have a great leadership team in the company to steer us in the right direction. I am confident that with the efforts of all of us, we will be able to achieve our corporate goals.” Says Matti. 

“As a developer, it is good to be able to use what you have learned and even better to learn something new to make things even better. And this is exactly how we do things at SpinDrive.” Matti added. 

Matti Hallivuori travelling with his wife


The best part to work at SpinDrive 

“What I love most about SpinDrive are the people. We have people of different ages and nationalities. However, we get along well and respect each culture and individual at SpinDrive. 

My colleagues are really nice. I enjoy working with them and having lunch with them. As SpinDrive has a flexible work schedule, we are able to manage our workload and choose where we work. This kind of trust from the employer is something I really appreciate.” Matti continued. 



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Author: Meifang Xu



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