The core value at SpinDrive – Diversity

At SpinDrive, we take pride in our diversity. It’s not just about having people from different countries – it’s also about having colleagues of all ages. We’ve got energetic team members under 30 who bring a lot of energy, and we’ve got some “silver foxes” who share their wisdom and experience. It’s this mix that makes our team so great. At SpinDrive, diversity is more than just a word—it’s a core value. 

And at the center of our story shines our colleague from Germany, Norbert Rieger. Norbert works as a Technical Sales for the D/A/C/H region here at SpinDrive. He started working for SpinDrive along with the registration of the SpinDrive GmbH office in Heilbronn in 2022. Despite reaching his 62th birthday, Norbert joined our team with a belief similar to that of our colleague Matti – that there’s still plenty he can offer to both our company and society. He’s been part of our team for approximately two years now. We all value his positivity and enthusiasm for learning new things. 

His openness and hard work inspire the rest of us to keep growing and learning. Plus, his humor and songs bring a lot of joy to the team. At SpinDrive, we have a saying: wherever Norbert is, you can bet it won’t be a dull day at work. 

an image of Norbert

A picture of Norbert Rieger


A peek into Norbert’s background 

Norbert’s fascination with human behavior led him to initially plan a career as a psychologist or psychiatrist. However, life often takes unexpected turns. While Norbert did not pursue a career in psychology or psychiatry, he found himself in a profession that demands a deep understanding of people: sales and business development! 

Today, Norbert reflects on a career spanning over 35 years in sales and business development roles. His extensive experience is shaped by working in companies with diverse cultural backgrounds, including American, Japanese, Chinese, and German organizations. This broad exposure has undoubtedly honed his ability to swiftly adapt to various work environments and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds. He is undeniably a true team player. 

Norbert’s keen enthusiasm for embracing new knowledge and his fascination with innovative technologies, such as the “magic” levitation technology utilized in active magnetic bearing systems, have been key driving forces behind his decision to join SpinDrive. His dedication to high-tech advancements and innovation undoubtedly enhances the team’s dynamics and productivity. 

Norbert promoting SpinDrive’s AMB solutions at a fair in Germany

Norbert promoting SpinDrive’s AMB solutions at a fair in Germany


The Norbert Effect: Uncovering His Charisma 

Norbert’s hobbies are diverse, ranging from hiking in the Alps to enjoying music of all genres, from classical to rock and pop. These interests mirror his multifaceted personality and his commitment to personal enrichment, outdoor exploration, and music appreciation. However, his greatest joy comes from spending quality time with his adult children and five grandchildren. 

Norbert’s hobbies likely enhance his well-rounded personality and positively influence the team at SpinDrive. 

Norbert's big family

Norbert’s big family


Why SpinDrive? 

“I find working at SpinDrive appealing because of the challenging tasks it presents, spanning from business development to customer acquisition and marketing. The chance to engage in complex and stimulating projects involving various aspects of customer interaction and collaboration with SpinDrive team members excites me. It allows me to leverage my sales skills and expertise in business development across different domains. The diverse challenges at SpinDrive offer opportunities for growth, learning, and professional development, making my work both engaging and rewarding,” says Norbert. 


The best part of working at SpinDrive 

“Apart from highlighting the team and people as the best part of working at SpinDrive, I highly appreciate the collaborative and supportive environment that transcends country borders. 

Contributing to SpinDrive’s growth and success by identifying and acquiring new customers and projects motivates me to the highest degree. The open culture of sharing personal thoughts and suggestions for SpinDrive’s faster growth, while fostering teamwork, cultivates unity and camaraderie among all employees. This positive atmosphere greatly influences my daily efforts. Last but not least, it’s the genuine appreciation and feedback from all colleagues that enriches my daily experience and fills my heart with gratitude and thankfulness for the opportunity that SpinDrive has provided me,” Norbert concluded. 





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Author: Meifang Xu


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