SpinDrive started research and development project of the fusion reactor for the Helium Primary Heat Transfer System (PHTS). SpinDrive is developing, testing and supplying the active magnetic bearing (AMB) system for the application. The goal of the project is to acquire the unique know-how of the advanced technology and build the prototypes required for the DEMO. The DEMOnstration power plant, DEMO, will be ITER’s successor, which is the first European fusion reactor. Fusion is the reaction that powers the Sun and the stars, and it is a potential source of safe, non-carbon emitting and virtually limitless energy. The project is run in cooperation with the Czech industrial companies, led by the Brno University of Technology and funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR)

TACR is a Czech state organization founded in 2009 to enhance and encourage cooperation between research organizations and the business sector. One of the main activities of TACR is to develop international collaboration in applied research, experimental development and innovation and collaboration with similar agencies abroad.

SpinDrive is a provider of tailored active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems for original equipment manufacturers. SpinDrive technology increases efficiency by up to 10% and lowers the customer’s lifecycle costs by 35%.

SpinDrive. October, 25, 2019.

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