Lappeenranta, Finland ( March 16th, 2022)SpinDrive was selected as one of the highly promising startups to protect and exploit better IPR by LEADERSHIP 4SMEs.

LEADERSHIP4SMEsis an organization that aims to develop a holistic program allowing innovative Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups to efficiently leverage their Intellectual Property assets, to stimulate their growth by opening access to suitable funding opportunities, correlated with their business strategy and market potential. 

LEADERSHIP4SMEs’s program is addressing the issue that the Intellectual Property Management services market fails to be related to prohibitive costs to obtain Intellectual Property Management protection. Obviously, an insufficient knowledge of the mechanics behind the Intellectual Property Management support system, coupled with a general lack of necessary expertise and the high costs largely contributed to accentuating the issues. Thus, there is a great need to support SMEs to protect their Intellectual Properties.  

LEADERSHIP4SMEs’s program seeks to align business strategy, funding opportunities, and Intellectual Property Management with the support of a dedicated, self-sustainable platform – the Venture Development Platform. 

Intellectual Property Management is critical for companies to protect their own assets. It has been quite challenging for startups with limited resources. We are glad that there is such an organization that is helping SMEs to manage IPR protection in a more efficient way. We are lucky to be selected by LEADERSHIP 4SMEs,” says Alexander Smirnov, CTO and Co-founder of SpinDrive. 


SpinDrive. March 16th, 2022