Lappeenranta, Finland (Nov 2nd, 2022)SpinDrive, a Finnish start-up specializing in active magnetic bearing solutions, is striving to mitigate CO2 emissions by providing tailor-made solutions improving energy efficiency to its customers worldwide. Moreover, SpinDrive is committed to analyze and reduce CO2 footprint of its own operations.  

In October 2022, SpinDrive was awarded CO2 footprint calculation and reduction labels by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the first time.  

With the help of the EIC Greenhouse Gas (GHG) tool, SpinDrive was able to calculate, analyze and commit to reducing our Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions. 

The tool is part of a wider process, the EIC GHG Program. The program’s objective is to offer the support and expertise needed to assess, track and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint of the beneficiaries and co-create new green services and businesses.   


“Climate change has been the major risk for our society. We cannot let it continue and do nothing with it. Instead, companies should pay for their own carbon footprint in daily operations and find ways to reduce it. At SpinDrive, our mission is to fight climate change by improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes. We fulfill it by implementing active magnetic bearings easily and affordably and managed to increase the system efficiency by approximately 35% for different rotating equipment. SpinDrive aims to support industrial leaders to develop more sustainable products with our active magnetic bearings.” Says Nikita Uzhegov, COO and co-founder of SpinDrive.  


About the EIC 

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has been established under the EU Horizon Europe program. It has a budget of €10.1 billion to support game changing innovations throughout the lifecycle from early stage research, to proof of concept, technology transfer, and the financing and scale up of start-ups and SMEs. 

The EIC offers its beneficiaries a dedicated GHG tool, the GHG Badges & CO2 Neutral Label initiative, and further resources.   In addition, co-creation activities with corporates, industrial associations, regions in carbon transition, and other EIC beneficiaries are taking place on a regular basis.  


About SpinDrive  

SpinDrive improves the energy efficiency of industrial processes by providing active magnetic bearings to equipment manufacturers. SpinDrive solution increases system efficiency by at least 10%, which enables a 2-year payback time. SpinDrive system is completely maintenance-free, which reduces the overall equipment maintenance costs by 80%. We eliminate the need for oil lubrication, which provides manufacturers an opportunity to enter new markets. Our built-in sensors enable condition monitoring of the whole unit.  


For more information, please contact: 

Nikita Uzhegov, COO and Co-founder 

+358 50 5188 569 


SpinDrive, Nov 2nd, 2022