Lappeenranta, Finland (December 8th, 2021)The One Initiative chose SpinDrive to be one of the Nordic Top 50 Impact Startups for the year 2021.  

Since the year 2017, The One Initiative has studied more than 7 000 startups in the Nordic and Baltic regions. They have assessed them on their commercial viability combined with their impact scalability. Each year, The One Initiative presents 50 promising Nordic and Baltic impact startups.  

“For months we have screened over a thousand startups in the Nordic and Baltic Region with solutions for a world beyond the climate, environmental, biodiversity and equality crisis. It has been very exciting. There are so many good solutions in this region of the world, says The One Initiative team 

Nikita Uzhegov, COO and co-founder of SpinDrive says, “We are humbled to receive such recognition from the One Initiative. Our goal is to mitigate CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of the industrial processes with easy and affordable Active Magnetic Bearing solutions. We are confident that SpinDrive’s technology will help many industrial companies to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.” 


SpinDrive. December 8th, 2021