Magnetic bearing system

In addition to the standard Magma magnetic bearing controller, the system consists of tailored actuators and position sensors as well as selected back-up bearings.


SpinDrive designs and manufactures all needed parts for the active magnetic bearing system.

Tailored active magnetic bearing system parts



The design is crucial part of the successful AMB project. It includes, among others, rotor dynamics analysis, and actuators and sensors electromagnetic and mechanical design.

Position sensors

We provide inductive or eddy current sensors depending of the application.

Radial bearings

We can provide different types of radial bearings in order to achieve best results. The selection is made between 8 pole, 12 pole and homopolar bearings.

Axial bearings

The axial bearing is designed to meet the demanding axial force specifications. We select between various types like C-shape, folded, or E-shape depending on the application.

Combined axial and radial bearings

In some cases the axial and radial bearings are combined in order to save some space in the shaft.

Back-up bearings

We select the back-up bearings based on the design and requirements. They are standard commercially available bearings.

SpinDrive experts working on the rotor

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