Active magnetic bearing technology

What is AMB?

Benefits of AMB

Other bearings vs. AMBs

Condition monitoring

Active Magnetic Bearing system

Magnetic bearings levitate the rotating part of the electrical machine with no contact. The system includes magnetic bearing controller, sensors and actuators. The magnetic bearing sensors monitor the position of the shaft and sends position information to the magnetic bearing controller. The controller drives the actuators, which keep the shaft at the center point.

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Efficient, maintenance free and oil-free system

Magnetic bearings levitate the rotating part of the electric motor. Levitation enables several benefits such as frictionless operation. The rotation of rotor does not require any lubrication and magnetic bearings can be completely oil-free.  Also, due to contactless levitation, there are no wearing parts that eliminates the need for maintenance.

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Active Magnetic Bearings in scale with other high speed bearings

There are several other technologies that are used in high-speed motors. These include technologies such as air bearings, tilting pad bearings, other journal bearings, high-speed ball bearings. Magnetic bearings can serve any application field and the technical barriers for using magnetic bearings is very low.

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Condition monitoring is inherent AMB advantage

One of the remarkable benefits of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) is condition monitoring. Since the magnetic bearing controller continuously monitors the displacement of the rotor the condition monitoring is a built-in feature in the AMB system. The magnetic bearing controller allows the user to monitor any abnormalities in the spinning system.


SpinDrive expert doing condition monitoring

Calculate Your Own AMB

Try our AMB calculator tool. With this tool you can quickly get indicative dimensions of your magnetic bearings.