Lappeenranta, Finland (August 20th, 2021) –SpinDrive was recognized as one of the top 25 most innovative companies during the 10th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open Competition.

The Nordic Cleantech Open has served as an observation tower for the up-and-coming cleantech innovation trends that will support the transition to a low carbon reality for 10 years.

During the 10th Edition of the Nordic Cleantech Open Competition, Cleantech Scandinavia has received 139 applications from all corners of the Nordics and the Baltics, and SpinDrive was picked as one of the Top 25 most innovative, promising and ready-to-scale companies.

“We are honored to be selected as one of the top 25 most innovative companies by Cleantech Scandinavia. We are also proud that we can tackle some of the cleantech challenges together with other companies,” says Nikita Uzhegov, COO and Co-founder of SpinDrive.

“Electric motor-driven systems account for almost half of global electricity consumption. To improve process efficiency, they need to be driven at higher rotational speeds to save billions of euros and mitigate megatons of CO2 emissions. These higher speeds require Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) solutions for reliable performance and operational efficiency. SpinDrive provides a patented, AI supported AMB solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)s” Nikita Uzhegov added.


SpinDrive. August 20th, 2021