VEM, 20th Technical Conference & Symposium 2023

5 Sep 2023 – 6 Sep 2023

Wernigerode, Germany


VEM Group, a leading European manufacturer of motors, generators and components for drive systems and power generation, will hold its 20th Technical Conference & Symposium 2023 in the historic town of Wernigerode, Germany on 5 and 6 September 2023.

The major theme of this milestone event is “Electrical Machines and Drives: Embracing Current Industrial Trends.”

As part of VEM`s commitment to innovation, they are also exploring the integration of active magnetic bearings in a new High-Speed Motor series.

SpinDrive will participate in this conference as a distinguished speaker. We will provide valuable insights into the technology and introduce the benefits of utilizing active magnetic bearings in high-speed motors.

SpinDrive will have an opportunity to engage with a highly qualified audience of engineers and developers, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration and collectively help to shape the future of electrical machines and drives through cutting-edge active magnetic bearing systems.


More information about the event: VEM, the 20th Technical Conference


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