Wanted: R&D Electrical Engineer  

Wanted: R&D Electrical Engineer  

About Us

SpinDrive democratizes levitation technology by providing affordable active magnetic bearings for original equipment manufacturers in various industries. Our solution reduces equipment lifecycle costs by 35% and eliminates the risk of oil contamination. 

We are a Finnish start-up company with a multinational team and high expectations towards aggressive international growthWe are commercializing years of research and looking for a person not just to close the position but to join the team. 

New Team Member 


SpinDrive is seeking an R&D Electrical EngineerThe person should be energetic and performance-oriented. The key qualities are the ability to work in a team, to deliver on time in a fast-paced environment and self-imposed attitude. 

We provide an opportunity to work in a dynamic team and significantly influence core product development. You will get a fast-growth opportunity and ability to implement your ideas and experience in a high-tech product. Working in our team you will get a high degree of freedom and excellent support from the colleagues. 

Key Responsibilities 


We expect the new team member to lead our hardware development. You are expected to take care of developing the electronic product from the prototype stage to be manufactured in volumes. You will be involved in the design iterations, design validation through laboratory testing, and working with external manufacturing service providers and design partners. 


  • Master’s Degree in electrical engineering (or applicable combination of education & professional experience) 
  • Several years of experience in schematic design, PCB layout designdesign manufacturing documentation and PCB(A) manufacturing expertise 
  • Knowledge in analog/high-speed digital/power electronics circuit design principles and practice
  • Ability to plan and carry out required hardware design testing in a laboratory environment 
  • Experience with the electrical safety requirements and related certification processes (CE/UL) 
  • EMC aspects in design and related testing procedures
  • Competence in multidisciplinary design (thermal design, ECAD/MCAD co-design, etc.)
  • Experience with an automated electronics manufacturing testing & design 
  • Experience with Altium Designer / Concord Pro 
  • Experience with Xilinx Vivado/SDK FPGA/SoC development environment

Job location in order of priority 

Lappeenranta, Helsinki, rest of Finland 


Send your CV to alexander.smirnov@spindrive.fi  

If you have any questions, please call CTAlexander Smirnov: +358 40 874 9959


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